Advanced Modules

This page displays a selection of our optional Advanced Modules, which focus on specific genres. These are available to be purchased after you have successfully completed the first two assignments. Each Advanced Module contains one module and one assignment. A certificate of achievement can be downloaded once the assignment is successfully completed.

The Food Workshop


"The techniques I will share with you have been developed over the past thirty years, as one of the world's top food photographers, and if they worked for me, they should also work for you..." George Seper

Wedding Photography


Join Justin Aitken on an incredible venture through the wonderful world of wedding photography. In an honest, informative and enlightening way, Justin outlines the tools that will assist you to excel in this competitive, challenging yet highly rewarding field.

Perfect Portraiture


Learn the secrets to producing perfect portraiture photography! In this comprehensive module, Stephen Power shares his knowledge from over 28 years’ of experience on how to master different areas of portrait photography – including social, corporate & publicity as well as working with adults, newborns, children & families.

Landscapes & Travel Photography


Master the art of capturing breathtaking landscapes & travel images! Our Advanced Module will take you on a trip around the world with Francesco Carovillano covering everything you need to know about creating amazing imagery that will sell and provide you with lifelong memories. You will learn the secrets of composing and picking the best subjects, as well as how to plan and set up your shoots in the right places and best times of day to take advantage of landmarks, activities, changing weather and available equipment.

Digital Cinematography


This Module welcomes you to the world of moving pictures! Author, filmmaker Rory Hinds, has over 20 years of writing, directing, producing & cinematography experience creating feature films, television, documentaries & music videos. Learn the skills & techniques for creating cinematography magic with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, with this comprehensive module.

Setting Up Your Own Website


Our Advanced Module will teach you how to set up & maintain your own website to attract your ideal clients & display your work.

The author, Jason Marty, has years of experience in web & graphic design, working with a huge range of high profile clients. Jason has shared his expertise in an easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting you & your work seen online. The module is based on the Wordpress platform and uses the theme Chameleon.

Sports & Entertainment Photography


Stephen Power shows you how to apply and improve your skills in the pursuit of action packed and exciting imagery. Exploring in-depth case studies and a pragmatic assignment, this module paves the way to another key industry in photography.

Wildlife Photography


In this Advanced module renowned wildlife photographer and tour leader Etienne Oosthuizen takes you on an incredible wildlife safari. Learn to capture magical images of animals in their natural habitats by balancing subject with their environments, creating stories and conveying atmosphere through composition and time of day. Etienne shares a wealth of experience to help you capture incredible images all over the globe.

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media for Photographers


Are you dreaming about starting your own photography business? Or perhaps you’re doing a few side-jobs in your free time hoping to start a business full-time. Maybe you’ve just started your business but need a bit of a boost to take it to the next level. Wherever you are in the process of starting your own business, this Advanced Module is for you!

Lightroom Classic for Photographers


In this Advanced Module, Justin Aitken will teach you how to take your photographic workflow to the next level using Adobe Lightroom Classic. You will be shown how to navigate and utilise the software to get exceptional results that suit you personally in your chosen genre of photography, and of course, your unique style.

This Advanced Module also includes a series of videos, created by Justin, to help illustrate the main concepts of the software's interface and features.

Newborn Photography


In this module Leila Nasr will teach you newborn safety, how to pose a baby, lighting your beautiful little subject and other newborn photography essentials.

Digital Portfolios & Critique


In this advanced module, Justin Aitken will teach you how to create your best portfolio. You will be taken through how to collate the right images and what tools to use to get exceptional results that suit you personally. At the end of the module, Justin will provide you with a detailed video critique of your portfolio.